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27 Jun 2017

Cajun Fairies: In the Land of Sha Bebe (Volume 2)

by Mary Lynn Plaisance

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Folklore Cajun Fairies -- In the Land of Sha Bebe A Wicked Cajun Fairy, Robes Pierre, takes over the sprit of the enchanted Land of the Sha Bebe Dolls who live in the sugarcane fields of Louisiana. He had that much power! No one ever had that much power to threaten the doll land. All of the dolls and the residents are put under the wicked influence of Robes Pierre. Will he succeed in taking the magical land?--- If not, who will save the doll land? --- A Must read for all ages. The legend of the Sha Bebe continues in Book 2. Dedicated to the spirit of Louisiana Another whimsical fairy...